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It took a lot of work and a long time to get Big RED & Shiny online, to shape its vision and build our core group of writers and reviewers. For the first seven issues, C. Sean Horton was the executive editor at the center of it all, and now we must bid him a fond farewell.

This summer, Sean has taken a position at the Firehouse Gallery in Burlington, VT, and will be distancing himself from Big RED. In his own words, he will continue to be a 'cheerleader' for the arts in Boston and Big RED. He will also retain the title of Editor-In-Chief as we continue to shape the future of Big RED.

We are excited to announce that Matthew Gamber, a regular writer for Big RED, has taken over duties as Executive Editor, one of two new editorial positions. We hope to fill the second seat soon. Matthew brings a lot to Big RED, a new perspective, energy and vision. This issue (#8) is our transition issue, with Matthew at the helm, and you can feel free to contact him at gamber@bigredandshiny.com.

The Firehouse Gallery in Burlington, VT

Matthew Nash is the publisher of Big, Red & Shiny.

About Author

Matthew Nash is the founder of Big Red & Shiny. He is Associate Professor of Photography and New Media at the Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University and was the 2011-12 Chair of the University Faculty Assembly. Nash is half of the artist collaborative Harvey Loves Harvey, who are currently represented by Gallery Kayafas in Boston and have exhibited in numerous venues since 1992.

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