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The Berwick Research Institute has announced the deadlines for their Artist In Research Program and the new Public Art Incubator Program. Full information can be found at their website.

From the press release:

Artist in Research Program- For experimental artists who need time, space, critical feedback, and resources to develop their promising idea for their next project. Research and Dialong are the key words here. The two and a half month residency offers artists free studio space, a stipend, and admin support. The program also features regularly scheduled critiques, open studios, a web forum, and closing events which provide residents with opportunities for critical feedback from curators, artists, scholars and members of the public. Finished work not required at the end of the residency, however we ask for reflections in the form of a final report. Deadline Feb 1

Public Art Incubator- Same concept as above, but a bit longer residency and geared towards the needs of artists working in the public sphere...Deadline Feb 15.

The Berwick Research Institute.

All images are courtesy of the artist and The Berwick Research Institute.


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