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Corey Escoto_Nightlight Arrangement 3 (Billions, Booed, Brick and Mortar)_Samsøñ_A Routine Pattern of Troubling Behavior


Corey Escoto, "Nightlight Arrangement 3 (Billions, Booed, Brick and Mortar)," 2017. Cast resin, enamel paint, LED and incandescent lights, electrical outlet molding, 54.5 X 42.5 inches.


About Author

Maia Dolphin-Krute is a writer and artist based in Boston. She is the author of a forthcoming monograph examining chronic illness narratives within critical theory, Ghostbodies: Towards a new theory of invalidism (Intellect, 2017), and a collection of essays, Sick Bodies of Text (punctum books, 2017). More information about her work can be found at www.ghostbodies.com.

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