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Wow, this has been an amazing experience! As we approach Saturday, May 1st, we see a fantastic group of people that has been energized to act and come together as a community! The response has exceeded our expectations!

We have close to 90 artists signed up, and we suspect, a pretty good number that will show up without the formal sign-up. (Anecdotally, Jo Ann and I were purchasing materials for (e)VENT and talking about how we thought that there would be artists that will show-up without having signed up, when from across the check-out counter a woman asked "Are you talking about (e)VENT? I'm planning on being there.")

In this email I will talk a little more about what to expect on the day of drawing, parking info, etc

First, more news on the project. We've added more SPONSORS to (e)VENT since the last update. First, Wainwright Bank has generously agreed to sponsor the project, and we thank them both for their commitment to the community and for a
corporate policy based upon principles of justice, tolerance and
sustainability. We are also thrilled to have The Red Fez helping us out with food for the ACLU-Mass Benefit Sale on Sat. May 8th!
Tricia O'Neill from Signs-Unique has been a gem and helped us with text and signage. Deborah Kalin from perFORM Video Documents is creating a wonderful video record of (e)VENT.
Also, watch for our half-page ads generously provide by the Phoenix in the next couple issues.

Project Materials are limited to the following: Graphite, Colored
Pencils, Crayon, Watercolor Crayon, Markers. We will have a nice selection of materials on hand. You are encouraged to bring any favorites of the above that you might have!You may bring an image (photo, xerox, ) or drawing (if it is in the above materials) to get you started. The only tricky thing is adhesion to the paper. We would prefer you bring dry transfer adhesive sheets
to fix the image to the wall. Otherwise, we may just use some artist tape as a temporary measure, so that you can work on the drawing, and we'll glue it later with PVA.

The event lasts from noon to 9 PM. You can stay as long as you like. We will start off around noon with a short yoga session that will last for approx. 20-30 min. Carmela Cattuti of Yoga of the Future will lead us in a standing chakra meditation using color to ease us into the creative spirit.Participation is optional. You may go straight to the wall and draw as desired.

When you arrive there will be a short Check-In Questionnaire for "screening" purposes. Don't be intimidated. It's just a little ole questionnaire.

You may pick a place anywhere on the wall to draw. Members of the P.T.A. will be on hand to help you find a place and to get you the materials that you need for drawing. They are also there for your "safety and security".

1. Your drawing does not need to be political. The fact that you
showed up is the "political" part.
2. There will be a loose and light structure on the walls made up of text and a "target" image. You may obscure, transform, color between (or outside of) the lines, as you wish. Some of the text will be "reversed" allowing for a great "abstract" background for you to respond to.
3. You are encouraged to collaborate with or respond to the work of others.
4. You are urged to work the drawing, as a whole, as well as on your individual contribution.
5. If you desire a theme to respond to , you may use the following in an abstract or representational way:
--Common Dreams (Hopes)
--Common Fears
--A Political response to the PATRIOT Act and/or threats to civil

Well, that's pretty much it, accept for a few more general details.

Parking: There is a decent amount of non-metered parking on Albany Street. Additionally, Jacobson Floral Supplies (bldg. with the green stripe) at 500 Albany St. have generously offered their lot for overflow parking. If you use this lot, stay on the Jacobson(green) side of the lot. There is also metered parking on Wareham and Plympton, but I think you should be able to stay in the "freebies".

Food and Drink: We will try to keep you watered and fed during the day. We will have food from Foodie's and South End Formaggio, our infamous popcorn maker and a great selection of specialty sodas and seltzers from Mercury Brewing.

Also, Big Thanks to all who made suggestions for the soundtrack. We have been able to get a great deal of them into the mix. These in combo with segments from the SomaFM stream will be a great backdrop for drawing.

Other details, including directions can be found at the Official Website

See you at (e)VENT!
Linda Price-Sneddon
Jo Ann Rothschild

Gallery 535
535 Albany St., 4th floor
Boston, MA 02118

Linda Price-Sneddon
535 Albany St., #3D
Boston, MA 02118

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