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LEF Foundation, a Cambridge-based organization that supports artists and film-makers in New England, recently announced they will provide funding for Big RED & Shiny. Their generous support will be used to continue the work of our little pink website, and will enable us to further the dialogue and promotion of the arts in New England. Big RED & Shiny will also use the funding to expand the site, offering new services that will be announced soon.

We couldn't be more excited to work with the wonderful ladies of LEF Foundation, and want to express our gratitude to Lyda Kuth and Louisa McCall for all their help, support and guidance this year and in years past.

LEF Foundation works with a broad range of artists and organizations in New England, making connections between a variety of projects. Their work encompasses many long-term plans to help the arts in our community thrive, while also funding and promoting projects with more immediate effects. Big RED & Shiny is proud to be among those whom LEF Foundation considers worthy of their support.

LEF Foundation

Thanks also to Kathryn Ostermier at LEF for all her hard work!

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