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Chicago is the windy city, full of mid-western angst and fresh-faced art students wandering out of The School of the Art Institute, looking for their place in the world. There is a lot of energy among these young artists, and a thriving yet disconnnected scene, looking for a voice on the wind to connect all the loose ends.

Sound familiar?

Replace 'mid-western' with 'east coast' and 'SAIC' with 'SMFA and MassArt' and Chicago looks a lot like Boston.

Bad At Sports is a great online resource for Chicago, presenting the work of local artists in that city online to a broad audience (we at Big RED no nothing about that...). In a twist of techinical innovation, however, they are not mere articles to be read at your leisure.

Bad At Sports presents their content at PodCasts, downloadable audio files that can be listened to offline, on any digital system, but preferably your iPod. Duncan (McKenzie) and Richard (of unknown surname), talk with Chicago-area greats about what they're up to, work that should be seen, and how to make their city the best home it can be for artists and art-lovers.

Bad At Sports is great arts coverage in it's own right, and doubly great for those of us looking to make our local scenes the best that they can be. If you support Big RED & Shiny, Some Other Magazine, The Weekly Dig and other local media, Bad At Sports is definately for you.

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