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I wanted to update everyone with the latest news on the (e)VENT project. The response has been awesome! We already have over 60 artists that have committed to participate!!!

One of the most exciting things that has happened is that the Boston Phoenix has agreed to be media sponsor for (e)VENT. This means that we will receive free advertising in the Phoenix and Stuff@night as well as radio spots on WFNX throughout the month of April. We have also been contacted by several news outlets that have expressed an interest in the story. We will be working hard in the coming weeks to secure as broad a coverage of (e)VENT as possible.

We have also received support from Foodies Urban Market, South End Formaggio, The Red Sun Press, Stanhope Framers and a few anonymous donors (don't you just love the intrique?). We are hoping to add a few more to the list, and will keep you updated.

Tied for first place with the Boston Phoenix in the "Most Exciting Donation To-Date" category is a popcorn cart donated for the day (reason alone to be there). We will be also be mixing a soundtrack to keep you going through the day and into the night. A generous portion of this soundtrack will be provided by the internet streaming radio station SomaFM.

The day of (e)VENT will be both fun and informative. Our plan is to structure (e)VENT as a drawing game. This will take some of the "performance pressure" off of you, as participants. The "rules" of the game will allow much freedom. But, we can not guarantee that your civil liberties will not be threatened! Details on the game structure will follow soon.

We will also be in touch with those of you that will not be there the day of (e)VENT with guidelines for the drawings, and to make arrangements for pickup/delivery.

To wrap up, I just want to thank everyone again for being a part of (e)VENT! With all of you participating, this is going to really be something!

Best to All and can't wait to see/meet you on May 1st.

Linda Price-Sneddon
Project Collaborator



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