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Why Big, Red and Shiny? Because it is exactly what Boston needs – something to stand up, big and tall for the art and artists of this fine city. This humble arts journal was started with the simple premise that there is more good art being made and shown in our immediate surroundings than people realize. So just like that – Big, Red and Shiny was born.

Most of the art seen within the area isn’t big, red or shiny – it doesn't proclaim its presence. It’s more of the kind of thing that you have to seek out – you have to venture to an abandoned warehouse in Dorchester, find a small tucked away gallery in Allston or just happen to be lucky enough to be in town during the height of one of the many short-lived non-profit-art-spaces. That is the kind of thing that we are most interested in here – the things that nobody else is seeing, thinking or saying.

There is also another strata of art in our town that is equally as influential, although not always as exciting – the gallery districts, the university galleries and the museums. It has been said that the never-ending influx of students keeps the Boston art scene transient while the museums keep it deeply rooted in tradition. This means that a lot of the more enthusiastic and productive art-goers eventually move to “greener pastures” like Los Angeles or New York leaving some to wonder where all of the quality contemporary art and artists have gone. As a result, the burden is often placed upon the more stable institutions to remain fresh and relevant to a sort of invisible audience. This is also the kind of thing that we are hoping to address. Alongside reviews and essays about, for example, one-night only events, you will also find critical examinations of more traditional facets such as a rare Vermeer.

So with this, it’s the launch of Big, Red and Shiny Issue #3. I am not sure if any of us thought we would even make it this far. But, we did and we have gathered a good deal of steam along the way. This is mostly due to the enthusiasm of everyone involved, especially our writers who are dedicated to thoughtful criticism despite their volunteer status. In this issue, you’ll notice more images – after all, we are conversing about things that are primarily visual. With our next couple of issues, you’ll notice the addition of two regular features: the first being modeled after Artforum’s Top Ten list and the later being short format interviews with artists, curators and others. We hope you enjoy these additions.

As always, please spread the Big, Red and Shiny gospel by telling all of your friends where to find us. If you or someone you know has a way with words, encourage them to contact us in regards to making a submission. And lastly, if you haven’t already, please join our email list so that we can notify you of each new issue and invite you to upcoming events.

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