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JP Gazette: as mayor, Sam Yoon would create “cabinet-level commissioner of arts and culture”


Following up on my post below about the arts policies for Boston's mayoral candidates, here is a link to a piece in the Jamaica Plain Gazette. For the most part, the candidates address the usual litany of issues, including education and crime. At the end, however, is the only arts-related policy proposal, from Sam Yoon:

Yoon, himself a talented jazz pianist, announced a proposal to create a cabinet-level commissioner of arts and culture position in his administration. He said he also would aim to create more affordable housing specifi-cally for artists and to ease the permitting process for public art performances.

The art discussion earned him the only softball question of the forums, when Yoon supporter Kosta Demos tossed him a jazz question: “Min-gus or Monk?”

“That’s a tough one. I’m going to have to go with Monk,” Yoon said, choosing the jazz pianist over the jazz bassist.

I'm still waiting for responses to my emails to the candidates, but it seems fair to add this update regarding Yoon. With Menino's existing policies, Flaherty's position statement (see previous post) and Yoon's above proposal, that only leaves Kevin McCrea with no arts policy.

As always, Big RED & Shiny does not endorse or support any candidate, and we encourage all voters to consider may facets when choosing an elected official, among them the candidates arts policies.

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Matthew Nash is the founder of Big Red & Shiny. He is Associate Professor of Photography and New Media at the Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University and was the 2011-12 Chair of the University Faculty Assembly. Nash is half of the artist collaborative Harvey Loves Harvey, who are currently represented by Gallery Kayafas in Boston and have exhibited in numerous venues since 1992.

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