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FYI, artists plan to invade Bumpkin Island


On Friday, August 28, 2008 a group of artists chosen by The Berwick Research Institute, Island Alliance and Studio Soto will set up camp on the 30-acre Bumpkin Island of the Boston Harbor Islands and remain there for at least five days as "homesteaders."

The island assault may be amphibious, but the artists may also attempt a daring dash across the 2000-foot-long "sand spit" on the eastern end of the island that connects Sunset Point of Hull to the island at low tide.

This will be the second annual Art EnCAMPment. Last year's invasion included the artists Kristjan Varnik, Madhu Kaza, Joshua Rosenstock, Sarah Phillips, Jonah Goldstein, Jessica Baptista, Marilyn Fontenrose, Else Eaton, Marybeth Mungovan, Tiffany Dumont, Ryan Riehle, Rory Jackson, Alison Wood, Sven Anderson, Dana Moore and Vanessa Wood, most of whom worked in teams to create site-specific installations.

This year, the artists will, according the Berwick's webpage detailing the project, will:
-Build a temporary shelter on the land
-Live on the land for at least four nights, and
-Improve the land via a site-specific project or performance.

After the "EnCAMPment" established (scheduled for 8/30/2008), the public may begin visiting the island and touring the artists' new work. The event is free and the National Park Service will be providing a ferry to the island.

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