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P-town Film Fest: Day One


Okay, so day one isn't quite correct. The film festival started on Wednesday but thanks to my "real" job I couldn't make it out here until yesterday morning. I got in on the ferry around 10-ish and headed to my hotel. I am staying at the Boatslip which is this motel looking structure on Commercial Street. It is renowned for it's "T-Dance" every afternoon. The hotel is nice. I was a little annoyed that I couldn't check right in but what hotel is going to let you check in 4 hours early? Lauren, who works the front desk (and is also an award winning flmmmaker and former SMFA-er), and Scott, the Director of Operation posed for a picture with me (see above). I headed to the Festival hospitality suite to get my badge, tickets and list of events. I had grand plans to see lots of films. How many did I get to see? Not many. It was all events, events events. I met up with Kathleen Mullen, who programs the shorts films, for a quick chat about her program and things that I should see and do. Kathleen is a former Bostonian and is now living in Toronto. She used to work with Bo Smith in the film program at the MFA and is currently the shorts film programmer for the Toronto International Film Festival.
There was a lunch reception for the press and celebrity guests. I proceeded to place myself in proximity to several of the famous people and on a couple of occasions actually convinced them to take a photo with me! Shocking, but true. That is me with Jane Lynch who received the Faith Hubley Memorial Award. Jane has been in so many great films (40 Year Old Virgin, Best in Show etc.) and was super friendly and down to earth. She didn't seem to mind our harassment at all!
I next sidled up to Gael Garcia Bernal for a quick photo op. The last photo is of myself with Gael and Kathleen Mullen.
He was also non-plussed about our stalking. Gael was actually the subject of much stalking yesterday. There were many teenage girls (and numerous gay men) on the prowl for him.
Anyway, I am sitting here very hung-over (the reception last night had quite the open bar!) and plan to spend the day sitting in a dark theatre watching films.

About Author

James Nadeau is an independent curator, video artist and writer based in Boston. He is editor of Our Daily RED, the blog of arts journal Big RED & Shiny. He is a graduate of the Comparative Media Studies department at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He completed his undergraduate studies at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. His video work has been screened internationally and he has presented papers on media and film at conferences nationally. He has programmed film and video in several festivals throughout New England and he is currently a technical instructor on film in the Literature Department at MIT. He is currently working on a manuscript on reality television under consideration by Lexington Books.

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