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Gallery shake-up


Last week I posted about the closing of Allston-Skirt Gallery. Other rumors have been kicking around, some confirmed and others still rumor.

Today, Greg Cook has a great post about various gallery moves, changes and closures. The most notable is:

BERNARD TOALE, whose gallery anchors the front corner of the building at 450 Harrison Avenue and has run a gallery in town since 1992, is hashing out a new lease that would have him divide his space over the summer. Plans are for gallery director, Joseph Carroll, to take over much of the space and open an independent gallery there in September. Carroll's new venue would continue to feature several of Toale's major local artists — including Laura McPhee, Ambreen Butt and Abelardo Morell, who've all shown at the Museum in Fine Arts in recent years. Toale plans to run an art consulting business out of a corner of the space.

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