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David Claerbout at List Visual Arts Center


Belgian artist David Claerbout's first museum survey exhibitition in the US will open this Friday at MIT's List Visual Arts Center.

In an article I wrote about his work in 2004, I summarized:

"In his work, David Claerbout moves between the poles of photography and film, media who both document the past, be it in a static or dynamic way. As a postmodernist, Claerbout doesn’t care about the culturally accepted divide and searches for the hybrid. The picture receives movement, the film is slowed down. The result goes beyond the suggestion of movement, yet seems to slow to be film. It’s the unique mark of David Claerbout."

Over the past three years, Claerbout has continued to explore the effects of time, time in narration and time on the gaze of the viewer in works such as Bordeaux Piece (2004) and White House (2006).

Claerbout will be giving a talk on Thursday, February 7th, 5-7pm, room 2-105

The opening reception for his soloshow is scheduled for Friday, February 8th, 5-7pm, List Visual Arts Center

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