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Go & See: Tuesday January 28 – Monday February 3

Every week, BR&S picks out a series of gallery events, screenings, exhibitions, performances. Here are our choices for you to go & see:

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Clint's Pick:
Tuesday, Jan 28

MassArt, Kennedy Building, 2nd floor, 621 Huntington Ave, Boston
The Film/Video Department presents: FastForward: FilmVideo Alumni Panel
Ian Bearce (1991), Eileen Cohen (2004) and Rian Orso-Brown (1994)
The Fast Forward alumni series has screening exemplary work from alumni of the Film/Video Department.
Opening Reception: 6:30pm
Screenings: 7:00 — 8:30pm

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Wednesday January 29*

Tea bowl with impression of a leaf, Southern Song dynasty, 12th—13th centuries. Jizhou ware; stoneware, Museum of Fine Arts, 50.2014

MFA Boston, 465 Huntington Avenue, Boston
Onto Objects: Performances by Patty Chang & Jeffrey Gibson
"Onto Objects is a one-day exhibition featuring new performance artworks by Patty Chang and Jeffrey Gibson. In their performances, each artist engages with objects they selected from the MFA’s encyclopedic collection. They project their personal experiences and associations onto art historical research and dialogues they shared with curators. Together, these performances emphasize individual narrative over institutional voice, the fluidity of history over singular interpretations, and the animation of objects over static presentations. By layering their own readings and relationships onto the Museum context, Chang and Gibson recast objects and images as receptacles for individuals’ stories.

7-7:30pm, Gallery 328 - In Timeline 1.29.14, 2014, Gibson choreographs a conversation between himself, a bowl and a painting by Jackson Pollock, and an ancient bowl from the ancestral Pueblo culture. He invites an art critic/cultural theorist to play the role of a therapist who moderates the session. Gibson approaches these works as personified objects that serve as lenses for history, confronting his complex relationship to Pollock as a pervasive figure in Western art. The performance draws from research on spiritualism and struggle in Pollock’s life, and from Gibson’s personal experience as a Native American artist. Their dialogue contrasts Pollock’s legacy of unbound expression with Gibson’s navigation of tradition and experimentation in his own art.

7:45-8:30pm, Gallery 285 - In Flash Burn in Uzbekistan, 2014, Chang builds a story using images, language, objects, and her body—set within a period room that evokes a home from the Ming Dynasty (1368—1644). Her narrative lives somewhere between personal memories, archival research, and the present moment, fusing the ancient and the contemporary through her presence. To create this work, Chang collaborated with curators to research and reflect on objects in the MFA’s vast Asian holdings. Their conversations highlight emotional attachments, individual associations, scholarship, conservation, and other modes of representation that are layered onto objects. From this mix, Chang employs the body as another archive for information that reactivates Museum space, making it feel "lived in." [Source]
Free (Wednesday nights after 4pm admission is by voluntary contribution)

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John's Pick:
Wednesday January 29

Cathy McLaurin, The North Wind and the Sun, 2012

Museum of Fine Arts, Remis Auditorium, 465 Huntington Avenue, Boston
Graduate Colloquium: "What Is to Be Done (after Graduation)?"
SMFA graduate students organize a yearly colloquium on a relevant trend in contemporary art. This year's organizers are SMFA faculty Patte Loper & Joseph R. Wolin, and MFA candidates Chelsea Coon, Michael McMahon, and Tyler Smith, and speakers are:
Andy Bichlbaum, a founder of The Yes Men and Yes Lab
Ben Davis,art critic and senior writer at Blouin Artinfo
Lia Gangitano, the founder and director of Participant Inc.
Cathy McLaurin, artist-in-residence at the Boston Center for the Arts and a 2013 Alumni
William Powhida, an artist based in New York
Magda Sawon, owner and director of Postmasters Gallery in New York
Gregory Sholette, an artist and writer

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Brian's Pick:
Thursday January 23 - Friday March 21

Image: Melanie Rose Peterson

The Distillery, 516 East Second Street, South Boston
Skies Water & Death
This exhibition is a fresh perspective on human boundaries culled together from a broad range of artists who look closer into their worlds through drawing, printmaking, and sculpture.
Curated by Silvi Naci.
Featuring work by:
Chris Cavallero, Martha O'Connell, Max Rose, Joo Lee Kang, Debra Weisberg, Dan McCarthy, Jacob Bannon, Chad Chesko, PT Sullivan, Sarah Gay, Joyce McDaniel, Celine Brownin, Melanie Rose Peterson
9am - 5pm, Monday - Saturday, and by appointment. / Free

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Leah's Pick:
Ending Saturday February 1

John Dilg, Marquette and Bigfoot, 2013, oil on canvas, 11 X 14 inches

Steven Zevitas Gallery, 450 Harrison Avenue #47, Boston
John Dilg, This Land is Your Land
Iowa-based artist John Dilg paints an intimate American Landscape that attempt to bridge between nature and the unconscious. From his statement he writes "My chief pleasure is to make idiosyncratic constructs, personal souvenirs of something seen before; in this, they are allied to our virtual world, since all souve- nirs take their life from that which no longer actually exists."
Tuesday - Saturday 11am-5pm / Free

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Stephanie's Pick:
Thursday February 6

Patricia Treib, Correspondence, 2012, oil on paper,
mounted on board, 40 x 29 cm

RISD Museum, Metcalf Auditorium, 224 Benefit St, Providence, RI
SHOW TELL/TELL SHOW: Student Exhibition/Reading
This half day of events will consist of panel discussions led by Sam Leader with artists/writers who are influenced by literature and the sue of word and image.

Featured artists/writers; Artists Taylor Baldwin, Jonathan Ehrenberg, Jeffrey Stuker, and Patricia Treib
Featured writers: Erica Ehrenberg, Domenick Ammirati, Tom Sleigh, Mairéad Byrne, and Sara Majka

Panel Discussion (Part 1): 3:00—4:30
Metcalf Auditorium, RISD Museum

Student Exhibition/Reading: 4:30—6:00
Benson Hall Gallery, 235 Benefit Street

Panel Discussion (Part 2): 6:30—8:00
Metcalf Auditorium, RISD Museum

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* Found on Big Red and Shiny's Listing page! Please consider listing your events with us here.


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