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On The Town: Anthony Greaney Gallery


INSTANT MESSAGING: the performances was a closing reception for INSTANT MESSAGING at Anthony Greaney in collaboration with Maggie Cavallo, which featured the work of Lucy Watson and DEAD ART STAR. Reflecting the performative and collaborative elements that are key to the practices of Lucy Watson and DEAD ART STAR, the performances offered audiences the opportunity to experience the activation of the objects and images on view on the gallery walls.

Saturday October 6th, 2012
Produced In collaboration with Maggie Cavallo, and featuring the work of Lucy Watson and DEAD ART STAR.

Anthony Greaney

Performances by:
Golden Jasmine Yeti Dancers
Nico Alba
Lucy Watson

All images are by James Manning.

About Author

James Manning is a Boston based independent curator, artist, and film producer. He is a regular contributor to Big Red & Shiny.

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