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Big Red & Shiny’s Big Red Shindig— in 2 minutes

Today marks our one month since our Kickstarter was successfully funded! Here is a behind the scenes time lapse video of the Big Red & Shiny's relaunch party, the Big Red Shindig.

Shot and edited by James Manning: www.artvigor.org
Mills Gallery, Boston Center for the Arts
Saturday September 29th, 2012

And just in case you missed it, or are missing it, here was our Kickstarter:

Footage shot by Dillon Buss: www.bussart.tumblr.com
Video and sound remix by DJ Flack: www.djflack.com

Assisted by: Clint Baclawski, Brian Christopher Glaser, Becky Margraf, Mike Tavilla & Johnston Thach


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