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Studio Sessions: Pat Falco and Joseph Geary


This episode of Studio Sessions is a two-part episode where we speak with two different artists: Pat Falco and Joseph Geary.

Pat Falco earned his BFA from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, and currently lives and works in The Distillery in Boston. His work uses quickly drawn cartoon characters, an endless number of pop culture references, and spontaneous ideas to create work that bridges a gap between art and comedy.

Joseph Geary earned his BFA from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 2011. Working from a strong tradition of realist painting, he finds ways of weaving new embellishments into his pieces that push them into a realm that is distinctly his own.

Listen as these two artists discuss their careers up to this point, and the directions they hope to head in the future.

About Author

Matt Kuhlman is an artist, writer, and journalist originally from Lawrence, KS. He earned his BFA in printmaking from the University of Kansas, and a Master's in journalism, also from the University of Kansas. His artwork has appeared in dozens of shows throughout the past decade, and Big Red & Shiny is the fourth online publication his work has appeared in. Currently in the Boston area, he has also lived in Albuquerque, Milwaukee, New York City, and rural Kentucky.

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