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December’s Journal Preview


Here's a preview of December's Journal done in YouTube videos

Full Circle with Heidi Kayser by James Manning

Time Body Space Objects 2 by Matthew Kuhlman

The Growing Trend by Nicole J. Caruth

"The Ugly Americans:" Visual Art as Political Gestures at the Venice Biennale by EL Putnam

Art After the Nostalgia for Belonging by Etienne Turpin

This Will Have Been: Leah Triplett continues to track Mark Morrisroe

NGA: Roy Lichtenstein: A Retrospective by Kurt Cole Eidsvig

Theatre schools as businesses by Allison Vanouse

Treading the Shallows: Notes on The Jogging and the Art of Politics by Evan Smith


About Author

John is an independent writer and curator. He was the Editor in Chief of Big Red & Shiny from 2012-13 and Journal Editor through June 2014. John has written for Art New England, Art Papers, Artsfuse.org, Artwrit.com, DailyServing.com, the New American Paintings blog, Printeresting.org and others.

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