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Inside Out: Sourcery

Here are some of my recent source images. Sometimes it's enough to scroll through them, but lately I like being able to see them laid out in a little grid. Previously I hadn't made the connection between eyeball and hole in the wall! It also provides an instant palette.

Persisan rugs, brick wall, digital wall, eye ball, hole in wall, cartoon smile, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Ren and Stimpy, pink frosting, water droplets, Abe Morell, Egyptian relief

Mexican mask, pizza car, cinderblock wall, blob fish, Marina Abromovic + blob fish, pink goo

old walls, painted movie poster, zebra stripes, game show, Egyptian game show

About Author

Susan Metrican is October's artist in residence on Big Red & Shiny's blog series, Inside Out.

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