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Sarah Braman announced as Maud Morgan prize winner



The editors would like to congratulate Sarah Braman as the MFA has announced that she was awarded the Maud Morgan prize for 2013. Established in 1993, the Maud Morgan prize recognizes women's contributions "to the contemporary arts landscape" on a biennial basis. The Morgan prize awards a solo show and cash to an artist living in Massachusetts.

Sarah Braman's work is bold. Her individual style is fairly easy to explain in words (chunks of things, mostly at angles with vibrant colors, often from spray paint) while the effect of her work is less distinct and demands your attention. Her work with found objects (often furniture segments or camper/RV's) muddles the difference between ready-made and recycled materials. Her work is often found on the floor, but can also be hung on the wall. How her work is painted is key, though it is sculpture. These and other idiosyncratic modes of working add up into a unique voice that will stand out in the MFA's architecture no matter where it is placed. We look forward to seeing a presentation of her work there.

Braman's work is on view currently at Tony Greaney's show Pure Smoke Culture, curated by Nick Kramer. She is represented by Mitchell-Innes & Nash and is one of the founders of artist owned gallery CANADA. She will be in Paint Things at the DeCordova, curated by Dina Deitsch and Evan Garza.

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