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Lee Lozano Wave series (1967—70) on display

One of the more enigmatic artists from Lucy Lippard's Six Years: The Dematerialization of the Art Object from 1966 to 1972 has to be Lee Lozano. She dropped out of the art world not long after Lippard's book was published, and much like Cady Noland, she has become a cult figure that can only be interpreted through her artwork.

One of her conceptual works, from April 1 1969, reads like this:

Make a good score, a lid or more of excellent grass. Smoke it "up" as fast as you can. Stay high all day, every day. See what happens.

Another concept that she explored was throwing I Ching coins multiple times a day for more than six months, just to see what patterns might arise. She recorded every throw into her notebook, and the audience is left with the task of unpacking if the performance of throwing coins is the art or if the notebook page documenting that action is the art.

Currently at the Wadsworth Atheneum is an installation of Lozano's Wave paintings. This is a rare treat, and the Atheneum is the correct place to be serving it up. In 1998, shortly after it was revealed that she had untreatable cervical cancer, Lozano took part in the MATRIX series.

MATRIX 135 (pdf) was the first museum show that Lozano presented in over 10 years. The waves were the result of predetermined rules that she set for herself, that included painting duration, and other parameters. Generally, she worked from nature and observation of the world around her toward a system of rules that created each art piece. The Wave paintings were firmly grounded in the performance and/or conceptual art forms rather than claiming to be paintings first. Luckily the Wadsworth is including some of Lozano's notebooks, from which all of her work emerged.

The Wave series is currently on view in the suites off of Avery Court on the first floor of the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art in Hartford Connecticut. It is being exhibited with work from Tara Donovan and Robert Morris.


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