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MA Independent Comics Expo 2012

Not being a comic guy, I had no idea that I've been walking past an exhibition of New England comic artists at the Atrium Gallery (1815 Mass ave Cambridge) for the last week. The third annual Mass Independent Comic Expo (MICE 2012) is happening in Porter square this weekend at AIB and there are a ton of workshops and talks that art nerds from all lines of art nerding might find interesting.

David Marshall will be talking about Digital tools. Kriota Willberg will talk about ergonomics for artists. There will be a panel on comics and religion, something that has international implications these days. There's even an iron chef style battle royal with live drawing.

The MICE exhibtion, Sequences, runs through October 16, and includes digital as well as hand illustrated images by artists from all over New England. While you're there, check out the AIB Illustration and Animation Faculty Exhibition which is on display through Saturday, September 29.

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