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Video Portrait: Aint-Bad Magazine



We're very pleased to publish our first commissioned video interview, shot and edited by Shane Godfrey and Meg Elkinton.

The up-and-coming Aint-Bad Magazine, founded by Taylor Curry, James Jackman, Caitie Moore, and Carson Sanders, may seem like an odd place to start our series given that we are also a publication. As we see it, BR&S speaks about the arts landscape and aims to draw attention to the rich variety of practices and people contributing to that landscape.

A-B are, strictly speaking, a Photography magazine. Like us, they launched with the help of a Kickstarter campaign, and that success speaks once more to the public's eagerness for original published material, whether it be in print or online (or both, in their case.)

Now at their fourth issue and raring for more, the folks at Aint-Bad are drawn to photographers who take "a fresh look at things" more than they are to big names. But that's enough chit-chat. We'll let them tell you all about it.

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About Author

Shane Godfrey is a new contributor to Big, Red & Shiny.

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