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Kick us: hard!


Wherein the reader learns of their part in this story.

When the practical reality of running a Journal-Blog set in, the question of how to replenish our coffers came up. We turned to Kickstarter because its model offers a lovely parallel to the way we see Big Red & Shiny operating: as a community-sourced platform built on exchange and participation.
The snappy, snazzy video was a pretty hilarious first multimedia project for BR&S. The editors brainstormed the idea of red balloons inflating, squeaking and popping; Dillon Buss shot the footage and DJ Flack's serious editing skills gave the video its catchy tempo. Editors Clint and Brian manned the balloons along with Becky Margraf, Mike Tavilla & Johnston Thach.

We have an elegant new identity, designed by Jamison Wright and coded by our very own publisher, Matthew Nash, who has painstakingly transferred all of BR&S's prior articles so that you can look back through the archives of seven years of content.

The rest of this relaunch is up to all of you. We love the idea that through Kickstarter you can own a small part of the relaunch effort. There are all kinds of rewards to thank you too - not to mention the Big Red Shindig we are throwing at the Mills Gallery on September 29th. There will be performances, DJs, video projection and a pop-up show. Libations are on us.
Because we love being pushed to think as much as we enjoy having fun, we are also gathering two panels for debate and discussion late October in the List's Bartos Theater. Save the date of October 27th.

Please help our fundraising effort surpass the $9000 we've set as a goal. Can we triple it? $5 is a small price to pay for bringing this platform back to Boston!
Thank you.

Find the project on Kickstarter here.

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