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By The Editors

September 30, 2013

We at Big Red are feeling especially shiny this Monday morning, and it’s all because of you. Hundreds of you came out to The Mills Gallery at the BCA last Friday night to celebrate our first year back from hiatus at the Big Red Shindig. The party was epic, with music from by Jesse Kaminsky, Wayne and Wax, el Oxycontinental, and visual overload by HEXbeam, as well as art by Susan Metrican, JR Uretsky, Anthony Palocci Jr., Johnny Adimando, Robin Mandel, Jesse Kaminsky, Nabeela Vega, Jeff Keough, Suara Welitoff , Amber Vistein, Amanda Justice & Hoda Kashiha.

We'd like to thank each of our participating artists, as well as our sponsor Panopticon Imaging, and Alex Jacobson at ADJECTIVE Art & Framing. Huge thanks goes to Randi Hopkins, Eugene Finney and the entire BCA Staff—without you, this event wouldn't have been possible.

Your love and generous ticket purchases will help sustain Big Red for another year. Please remember you can share the love with us year-round by donating via PayPal, or by getting in touch with us through email.

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