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Our Daily Red: We’re looking for contributors!



Do you write? Do you photograph? Have you been thinking of contributing to Our Daily Red blog but are unsure how to take the next step? Are you curious about what we look for in a writer? Don't worry about having a ton of publications under your belt and lots of experience. Here's a list of useful traits we've noted in the past six months that will get our attention:

- show initiative: subjects are all around you. Seize them.
- be genuinely curious and passionate about some aspect the art world: the business, the market, artists, process, a medium, etc. Expertise is precious.
- be opinionated and back up your opinions with observation and analysis.
- if possible, always go to your source. Don't use hearsay, and avoid online documentation as your primary material. Well, unless that IS your primary material (you know what we mean.)
- support your friends, always, but avoid writing about them unless you can be entirely impartial. Chances are you'll feel awkward about criticizing their work, and that doesn't help them ultimately.
- always clear the image rights to any imagery you source (we can guide you.)

We like working with people who are dependable and deliver their article on time; are open to criticism and feedback; are motivated and suggest topics to us that are challenging and not self-serving. If you continually think "I wish someone would write about [blank]," that's probably a good sign that you should do it.

Topics that interest us for publication include:
- original interviews with artists (perhaps someone you have long admired: tons of people come through to lecture at schools.)
- reviews of exhibitions and performances (ones you hated or felt ambivalent about, as much as ones you loved)
- well-researched investigatory articles on aspect of the art business
- spotlights on themes, trends, groups
- photo essays and captions on a specific topic (architecture, fashion, landscape, history, public art...)
- short video documentaries on an artist

Define your topic, send us a writing sample using our Submissions form, and we'll be in touch.
Finally, young writers, don't give up. If we turn down one submission, ask for feedback, keep writing and contact us again in six months with some new words.

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