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Inside Out: Sleep On It


The challenge here is to make posts that show process. For me, stopping every now and then to write or snap a picture while working creates a new work, more or less independent of the thing I'm working on. To complicate matters, my process is different for every work, and sometimes I'm not aware that a process is going on at all. I know how some works were conceived and made, but in many cases, I can't clearly remember what order things happened.

There's a stew of ideas and a smattering of making stuff. Things get cut up, redone, thrown out, glued back on, glopped up, and sanded off. I read instructions, news, theories, comments, stories, code and comics. I'll spend Sundays drawing dirty pictures. Then its back to the square one. Even calling it a process feels suspicious.

I've got so many beds in my house that I don't use, mostly because some of the rooms feel haunted. I'm going to sleep in all of them and see what happens. At least if something comes of it, I can say it all started right here in the Big, Red and Shiny.

About Author

AJ Liberto is April's artist-in-residence on Big Red & Shiny's blog series, Inside Out.

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