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Friday, November 13 & Friday, November 20, 2009 Candid photos from a Big RED night on-the-town at AXIOM for the opening of Riders On The Train, curated by Nance Davies. Included are also photos from the artists' gallery talk. This exhibition includes work by: Manuel Vazquez, Sarah Rushford, Stephen Cady, Jeff Morris, Jesse Malmed, Nance Davies, Andrew Sempere, Denise Marika and Dana Moser, Henry Gwiazda, Francois de Costere, Ethan Ham, Colleen Alborough and Joao Orecchia, Scott Hall, Marc McNulty, Dylan Mortimer, Zehra Kahn, Erick Conrad, Ben Chaffee,Jason Nelson, Nita Sturiale, Ximena Alarcon, Sherry Karver, Marianne Fourie, Lia Chavez, Yuri Stone, Helene Zuckerbrod, Marian Berelowitz, Lisa McCarty, Katherin McInnis, Jamie Waelchli, Guy Telemaque, Gary Duehr, Susan Bregman, Carolyn Lewenberg, Yetti Frenkel, Harvey Loves Harvey, Alexia Mellor and Sarah Banasiak, Fred Wolflink, Jerel Dye, Jake Lee-High, Sean O'Brien and writer/poets Jeremy Hight, Kamarie Chapman Leora Silverman Fridman, Sarah Goodman, Gordon Fearey, Colette A. Shumate-Smith, and Jonathan Powell.

Axiom Gallery

"Riders On The Train" is on view November 10th - December 19th, 2009 at Axiom Gallery.

All images are courtesy of Axiom.

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