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Boston artist Chantal Zakari, who recently co-curated the exhibition Bit Logic at GASP, has announced the release of her new book, webAffairs. From the announcement, this book "is an artist's documentary of an adult video web community." Using images collected from her time in chat rooms and by gaining friendships with other chat users, under her screen-name Show-n-tell, Zakari creates a story of both voyerism and participation.

"One woman is living with her boyfriend but is having an affair with another man online... A prematurely retired man is feeling lonely and tells her 'I lost 20 lbs since June when I finally stopped drinking, but now I am addicted to these rooms'. The main narrative, however, is told through Show-n-tell's voice. She participates in the commuity as both an observer and as a performer."

More information, and book orders, at: www.webAffairsBook.info

Image courtesy of the artist.


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