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As you may have noticed, each issue of Big RED & Shiny has a new and unique design scheme. The Big RED team works long and hard to come up with these flashy graphics and stunning shades of pink, but after 26 issues it is becoming hard to be original.

For example, this issue features an upside-down theme. Now, that is the graphic design equivalent of a 'special episode' dealing with drugs, or taking the family on a trip to Hawaii or on the Love Boat. It is as bad as the 'Guaranteed Swahili' ads on the T, or a late-night infomercial for Ron Popeil and his Ronco products.

We need your help. Unless you want more bland and uninspiring creations, we need you to design our forthcoming thirtieth issue, so that we can get out of our rut and showcase some true talent. However, we don't want to just give this opportunity away; no, no, no, you have to fight for it. Thus, we proudly present the first ever Big RED & Shiny Design Competition.

On October 20th, our editors will convene to judge all the entries, and the winning design will frame our thirtieth issue. Your mom will be proud.

Below are links to template files for Big RED designs. While we would prefer you use Macromedia Fireworks (which you can use free for 30 days at Macromedia.com) you may also download an Adobe Photoshop version of our template to work with. Also, we have provided a PDF file with all the necessary info.

Designs are due by October 20th for review. We can't wait to see what you come up with!

Big RED template in Macromedia Fireworks format (preferred).
[Macromedia MX 2004 .png file - 240K]

Big RED template in Adobe Photoshop Format.
[Adobe Photoshop CS .psd file - 210K]

Big RED design specifications.
[PDF file - 536K]

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