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One of America's greatest contributions to world culture has been the game show. What other industry could bring us such great celebrities as Gene Rayburn, Alex Trebek, Vanna White, Pat Sajak, Bob Barker, and The Whammy?

Art Interactive knows you love game shows, and curators Roland Smart and Jeff "Jeffu" Warmouth are bringing a unique art-themed game show to AI (and your tv) this winter. ART SHOW DOWN will shoot eight episodes at AI to be shown on CCTV, with the grand finale broadcasting live!

Even better, ART SHOW DOWN features a grand collection of Boston's artists and scene-makers: Megan Goltermann, Jeff Smith, Rand Borden (of Kaiju Big Battel), Matthew Nash (of Big RED), Nick Rodrigues, Anna Goldsmith, Ravi Jain, Haik Sahakian, James Manning, and many many more...

ART SHOW DOWN is looking for contestants. If you are interested in proving how much you have learned from The Price Is Right, The Wheel Of Fortune, Jeopardy, Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, as well as all those art history classes your parents told you were a waste, write to contestant@artshowdown.tv

Even better, if you like beer and would prefer to avoid the spectacle of appearing on television, you can support ART SHOW DOWN at their fundraiser on September 17th at the Middlesex in Central Square. It coincides with the Central Square Business Associations “Art Central Event” so you can make a day of it!


Art Show Down Fundraiser Party
When: SATURDAY September 17th,  6-8 PM
Where: Middlesex Lounge in Central Square
Cost: $25
Entertainment: mock-advertisements to be seen as part of the show, other videos & music!
Libations: All the Tremont Ale you can consume, thanks to our generous sponsor.

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