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k'vetsh... the all-queer all-gender open mic cabaret mayhem has temporarily relocated from the delightful, but closed, Oni Gallery to the glamorous theater at the YMCA in central square. Each month there are two featured performers who hail from the genres of writing, film, music, video, performance art and philosophical bullshit (if delivered with grace and aplomb). The event started in San Francisco in late 1996 when I was young and irresponsible and only had like 13 tattoos. Since then, I have relocated to Boston, changed format, (there is an interactive question and answer period with the featured artists at the end of the evening with homemade baked goods for queries) and blessedly, corralled an incredibly talented rosters of open mic regulars, an immeasurable capacity for a room of good will and a rotating cast of super hot door people. Also... you will find the k'vetsh event in San Francisco still thriving at the hands of filmmmaker and writer Tara Jepsen, and dyke punk legend and novelist Lynne Breedlove. and like any friendly virus, k'vetsh has spread... k'vetsh Pittsburgh recently debuted with hosts and curators Paige Mc Bee and Beth Steidle (who are also possibly on the world's top ten list of most attractive couples, clocking in just ahead of Brad and Jen) and there looks to be a k'vetsh Philly on the horizon for the late spring. It's only three clams and no one is EVER turned away for lack of cashola. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend. After all... STRAIGHT... IT'S THE NEW GAY.

Love, Seinberg

Sara Seinberg is an artist and activist.

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