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If you surf the web a lot, you've probably run across this icon - - a few times. Perhaps you've seen it's cousin - - and wondered what it means.

RSS is short for Really Simple Syndication, and has become a popular way for people to get information and news headlines. These simple feeds can provide a lot of information in a small space, and help those who want to be informed wade thru the vast amounts of information available each day.

Big RED & Shiny now offers RSS feeds, for you to incorporate into your daily news and gossip browsing. To add us to your subscriptions, simple click on the button at the top of any page (beside the Issue pulldown menu).

Or, you can subscribe directly by copying the following link into your RSS news program:

Speaking of RSS programs, there are many options out there. WebMonkey recommends NetNewsWire for the Mac (the Lite version is free!) and AmphetaDesk for the PC, Mac and Linux. There are many channels available, including the BBC, CNN, Salon.com, Wired, as well as tech news, gossip, jokes, and even personal 'blog' feeds from artists and individuals.

So, if you're already an RSS fan, add us to your subscriptions (free, of course!). If you're new and want to try it out, why not get a little art with your news?

Webmonkey - "Sharing Your Site With RSS" by Jason Cook

(thanks to Fred Levy for the info)

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