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ASPECT, The Chronicle of New Media Art recently announced the release of their fifth issue, titled "Joie De Vivre".

Editor Michael Mittelman says of the new issue:
The morose trend that seems to have pervaded ASPECT for the first four issues needed to come to a conclusion. To that end we asked for artwork that expressed a lightness of heart, a sense of humor, or the joys of life. Joie de Vivre explores levity and humor in art and demonstrates how broadly that concept can be interpreted: long distance friendship and collaboration, a midnight snack, the pain of maintaining a smile for a length of time, discovering plaster babies, or simply exploring your neighborhood.

Included in this issue:

DAVID LACHMAN, with audio commentary by Lisa Dorin

TONI LATOUR, with audio commentary by Coleen Heslin

LIZ NOFZIGER, with audio commentary by Leonie Bradbury

LEE WALTON, with audio commentary by Marisa Olson

HARVEY LOVES HARVEY, with audio commentary by Jeff Stark

You can get a copy at the ASPECT website.

Images are courtesy of the Aspect website.

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