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While not as opulent a photo opportunity as Mitt Romney walking down the steps, newly elected Governor Deval Patrick reinstated the budget cuts made by Romney to the Massachusetts Cultural Council for the 2007 fiscal year. The money returned to the MCC was part of reestablishing the 9c budget cuts made by Romney last year.

From Dan Hunter of MAASH

Late today (January 5)—in his first full day in office—Governor Deval Patrick officially restored all of the 9c budget cuts instituted by outgoing Governor Mitt Romney. All of the $425 million in FY 07 spending that had been eliminated has now been restored, including $700,000 for the Massachusetts Cultural Council and all of the grants designated for individual cultural organizations across the state.

MAASH coordinated a targeted advocacy campaign on behalf of the arts, sciences and humanities to reverse the cuts. Initially, Governor Patrick indicated support for restoring only the cuts in social service programs. However, MAASH advocacy helped to persuade the new administration to restore all the 9c cuts, even in the face of declining state revenue and a predicted $1 billion shortfall.

MAASH - Massachusetts Advocates for the Arts, Sciences and Humanities
MCC - Massachusetts Cultural Council


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