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LEF Foundation has announced their Contemporary Work Fund Grants for 2006. Congratulations to all artists and organizations who received funding. Below is a list of the awards, provided by LEF.

>>> Performing Arts

Dance Organizations

Bates Dance Festival
Funds to support the assembly of acclaimed dancers to create and perform new work as part of the dance festival’s 25th anniversary

Lorraine Chapman, The Company
Funds to support a staging of T.S. Eliot’s “The Hollow Men” using dance, sound, movement, and text to explore the poem’s meaning in today’s world

Snappy Dance Theater
Funds to support the creation of “String Beings”, a mixed media dance work in collaboration with violinist Lucy Lin and new media artist Jonathan Bachrach

Music Organization
Funds to support an independent music series presenting experimental, improvised, and electronic music performances

Music Artist Project
Halsey Burgund
Funds to support the premiere of “Otherwise Uninvolved Individuals”, a sound project incorporating spoken voices collected by the artist’s portable voice recording station

Theatre Organizations
Boston Theatre Works
Funds to support a new play by Kyle Jarrow entitled “Love Kills”

Perishable Theatre
Funds to support the Resident Artists at Perishable Theatre program, an incubator for contemporary mid-career performance artists

Huntington Theatre Company
Funds to support the work of Huntington Playwriting Fellows and the Breaking Ground Festival, a festival of new play readings

The Providence Black Repertory Company
Funds to support “Black Maria”, a "film noir in poems", a multi media work that interrogates American mainstream narratives

The Theater Offensive
Funds to support Plays at Work, a new works development program for queer playwrights

Theatre Artist Project
Forty Magnolias
Funds to support the commission of an original theatrical adaptation of the life and writings of Etty Hillesum, a Dutch Jew living in Amsterdam during the Nazi occupation

Performance Art Organization
Funds to support Mobius’ 2007 programming

Intermedia Organizations
Funds to support AS220’s 2007 programming

Funds to support two projects using performance to examine "the politics of information" on both micro and macro scales

The Berwick Research Institute
Funds to support the “Artist In Research” program, a residency supporting artists in the beginning stages of studio projects; and the “Public Art Incubator”, a curated series of dinners to discuss art in the public sphere

Intermedia Artist Projects
The National Bitter Melon Council
Funds to support the publication of “A Manual for Better Living Through
Bitter Melon”, using social performance methodology to document past projects in book form

Funds to support “ProvFlux”, an annual international festival in Providence, dedicated to artistic and social investigations in psychogeography

>>> New Media

Funds to support new media exhibitions and programming for the 2007 season

Boston Cyberarts
Funds to support “Ideas in Motion: the Body’s Limit”, a core program of the Boston Cyberarts Festival, designed to provide an overview of choreography and the frontier of physical and digital tools for artistic creation

Ensemble Robot
Funds to support the expansion of the current robot orchestra, improving current robots, and commissioning new work by composers including Evan Ziporyn and Christine Southworth

Funds to support the resident fellowships of John Malpede and Simon Starling and the production of new interdisciplinary projects

New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc.
Funds to support projects associated with the Boston Cyberarts festival, including the commissioning of new work, a panel discussion, and a presentation of electronic readings in collaboration with the Electronic Literature Organization

Artist Projects
Brian Knep
Funds to support the creation of “The 101st Theory of Aging”, projected films and interactive pieces about change and aging, using biological images collected while in residence at the Harvard Medical School

Andrew Neumann
Funds to support “Watching : Camera : Movies”, a video installation that examines and deconstructs cinematic/video space

Mary Ellen Strom
Funds to support “Future Memory”, a video installation exploring the response of a theoretical 21st century community to catastrophic disaster

>>> Visual Arts

Artspace @ 16
Funds to support 2007 programming.

Artspace New Haven
Funds to support “50,000 Beds”, a collaboration between Artspace, The Aldrich Museum, Real Art Ways and Creative Capital artist Chris Doyle to commission 45 - 50 artists to create short video pieces about specific Connecticut hotel rooms

Boston Center for the Arts
Funds to support the Mills Gallery in its continuing exhibition of contemporary visual art

Hood Art Museum
Funds to support a site-specific installation by Chinese artist Wenda Gu, a monumental sculpture made of the hair of over 14,000 of Dartmouth College and regional community members

Institute of Contemporary Art
Funds to support an ICA/Vita Brevis project, “Art on the Islands”, featuring commissioned site-specific installations on the Boston Harbor Islands by New England artists Anna Schuleit and Teri Rueb

Space: Other
Funds to support “Australian Contemporary Art and the Museum”, an exhibition in which four contemporary Australian artists create site specific multimedia works in response to the Australian Collection at Harvard’s Peabody Museum

Trustman Art Gallery, Simmons College
Funds to support “Spinning Straw Into Gold: The Ethics of Production”, a series of three exhibitions and a symposium exploring issues of ethical production of works of art

Artist Projects
Tory Fair
Funds to support the artist as she expands her practice from drawing on paper to drawing in space, using 3-D printing as a tool

Nathalie Miebach
Funds to support “Recording and Translating Climate Change on Cape Cod”, a series of woven sculptures that represent and interpret climate change data.

Lize Mogel
Funds to support “An Atlas”, a traveling exhibition of work by artists using critical cartography to represent political situations and issues

John Osorio-Buck
Funds to support “Utopia 7”, a series of shelter units using practical hydroponics to facilitate survival

Virginia Valdes
Funds to support “Wasteland”, an interactive installation that foretells and explores a future with depleted resources where human strength is the only way to power illusory worlds

LEF Foundation


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