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Inside Out: Piles


I am working on a new series of drawings.

This is what they look like.

This how I’m making them.

This was made from 1,059 photographs. I took one photo for each mark I made.

My last post was about unfinished projects. For this one, I wanted to write about an ongoing idea. These drawings are a few weeks old. I am not sure where they’re going but I keep making them.

For this to happen, I think there has to be an element of trust- trust in the imagery, trust in the feeling, or, for me, trust in the process. I wonder if this is the difference between projects you finish and ones you don’t. For projects to be carried out to the end, you need to feel some kind of initial trust.

Perhaps the reason why I trust them is because they are about making piles. I think about piles a lot: amorphous piles, halfway alive; marks upon marks, that, if they were three dimensional objects, would give a little bit if you touched them. Making piles makes things that grow before your eyes.

Conceptually, I’m not yet sure why this is so attractive to me, but it’s an idea that has been with me for years.

About Author

Katherine Vetne is BR&S artist in residence for July 2013.

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