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Studio Sessions: Rob Andrews, revisited


Welcome to the first episode of Studio Sessions where we will visit for a second time with Rob Andrews.

Following our first hour-long conversation, I felt there was such a large percentage of Rob’s work and ideas that we didn’t even come close to talking about. I arranged a second meeting, this time accompanied by his collaborator and documenter Ryan McManus. To recap, Rob’s work often deals with rituals, historical social narratives, mythology, particularly of the Minotaur, and creating situations where outsiders are compelled—either by their own will or the prompting of the scenario—to intervene on the performance in some way.

Join me as I continue my discussion with Rob, and also gain some outside perspective on his projects from Ryan.

**While it’s not completely necessary, I would suggest listening to the first interview with Rob before listening to this interview if you haven't done so already, as it is not possible to quickly summarize the entire contents of the first interview, and it is likely that this episode will be more difficult to understand without that foundation.

About Author

Matt Kuhlman is an artist, writer, and journalist originally from Lawrence, KS. He earned his BFA in printmaking from the University of Kansas, and a Master's in journalism, also from the University of Kansas. His artwork has appeared in dozens of shows throughout the past decade, and Big Red & Shiny is the fourth online publication his work has appeared in. Currently in the Boston area, he has also lived in Albuquerque, Milwaukee, New York City, and rural Kentucky.

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