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The Big Red Shindig


What were you doing last September 4th? We BR&S editors were rolling out our relaunched blog and journal after a two year hiatus. 365 days later, it's clear that you did miss us while we were gone. With your love, we've produced a year of exceptional art writing and critical discussions, all with a Boston accent.

Because we had so much fun meeting and dancing with all of you who backed our relaunch last year, we are thrilled to announce the second annual BIG RED SHINDIG, in celebration of our first year back. Again with the support from our friends at the Boston Center for the Arts and our new friends at Panopticon Imaging, we're inviting you to another raucous evening of great art, music, and dancing at the Boston Center for the Arts' Mills Gallery on Friday, September 27 from 7-10pm. Libations are on us! Tickets are $10, which can be purchased online by going to bigredandshiny.com/tickets or by clicking the Paypal button below. We have a limited number on offer, so purchase tickets early while you can!

All proceeds from the Shindig will help to fund another year of the BR&S journal and Our Daily Red—aiding us in supporting the art writers and artists that make Big Red & Shiny great. The Shindig's invite is on Facebook, so share it with your friends!

This year we're excited to showcase work by Suara Welitoff, Susan Metrican, JR Uretsky, Anthony Palocci Jr., Jesse Kaminsky, Nabeela Vega, Jeff Keough, and more.

Music stylings will be provided by Jesse Kaminsky, Wayne and Wax, el Oxycontinental, and visual overload by HEXbeam.

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