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The forminable non-profit art space Studio Soto has a new director. Jed Speare, who was the Director of Mobius from 1996 through 2004, is an artist and arts manager working in several mediums but primarily seems interested in the “new media” and performance side of things.

Soto has become revered in many Boston circles for its residency program, allowing artists to live and work in Boston and leading to a solo show at the gallery. With exhibitions featuring bands, videos, DJs, performance art and ”interactive” situations, the gallery would seem in danger of becoming too hip for its own good. Speare comes to the gallery with some great experience that will hopefully keep the right balance.

Developing cultural exchanges with artists from around the world and keeping the great Mobius afloat gives Speare some solid credibility. He was the primary coordinator of the two-year Fort Point Cultural Coalition Public Art Series from 2000-04. He also currently works as the international coordinator for choreographer/performer Rob List/Compnay OZU based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Studio Soto

All images are courtesy of the artist and Studio Soto

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