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Let's begin our report of the final episode of the Art Show Down with a letter from painter Rick Berry:

Dear BR&S

After having read Heidi Marston's column on the "Art Showdown" I somehow trucked my end-of-day zombie self out to the final episode. Driving, parking, orienteering in an utterly automaton fashion I could hear a little voice in my head query, "how good an article can that have been? What am I doing here?"

I'm just so glad I did. Completely incapable of finding anything amusing I was made to laugh like a kid. Over and over. I'm delighted not to have been simply PR snowed for the purposes of making something look bigger that it is. Heidi really managed to convey a genuine sense of fun happening somewhere, somehow, and convinced me that Chorine and company were on to something. The Irrevolution will be Televised.

Thanks so much,

Rick Berry

What, you may be asking, did Mr. Berry witness?

The grand finale of Art Show Down happened on Saturday, October 28th at Art Interactive in Cambridge. Contestants Heidi Marston and Andrew Mowbray faced off for a series of contests in classic game show format before a live audience. Marston pulled ahead with an early lead, but Mowbray ultimately came through to win the title.

Host Chlorine, played by artist Megan Goltermann, led the contestants through a series of games, each beginning with a spin of 'The Surreal Wheel'. Mowbray took on 'The Mystery Challenge' first, wrapped in plastic for the 'Christo Corral' and forced to escape in 10 seconds. Marston followed with 'Famous or Forgery' and correctly chose which artwork was real and which fake. They followed up with Mowbray taking on Tiffany York, program director at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, for 'Schooze and Booze.' Marston climbed the walls in 'Hang Em High'.

Going into the final three dueling challenges, Marston held a commanding lead, but Mowbray gained ground while drawing with his teeth in 'Luck of the Draw' and by shooting targets with paintball guns in 'Action Art Shootout'. The finale, though, saw Mowbray take charge and thoroughly cover Marston in paint during 'A Brush With Danger!'.

Congratulations to Andy for his victory! Congrats too to Heidi for her valiant effort!

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Art Interactive
Art Show Down

"Art Show Down" was on view September 13 - October 28, 2006 at Art Interactive.

All images are courtesy of the artists and Art Interactive. Photo by Rob Coshow.

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