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Here at Big RED & Shiny, we are always looking for new ways to promote artists and discussions about art. Some work, others don't.

Our Forum has gone through many stages, but rarely has it been a home to the kind of discussions we had hoped it would entertain. For this reason, we have removed the Forum from the site. We hope that the few users of our Forum can find a new place to discuss their interests, or that they are inspired to start their own. We welcome any links to good art discussions, and will promote them however we can.

The one facet of the Forum that we have retained is the Calls For Work section, which is now included in our Listings area. While currently in it's infancy, we hope this will become a resource for artists and venues alike.

While on the topic of things removed from Big RED, we have ended our experiment in opening our Welcome Page to artists. It was fun to see such a wide range of work and include it on our site. We will display the remaining images that you posted, and then return to a splash page designed by our staff.

As always, thanks for supporting and reading Big RED & Shiny. Our project is always growing and evolving, and our goal is to bring you the best coverage and information we can.

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