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New York-based group Artadia has announced a new innitiative in Boston to fund artists and new work. In a partnership with local supporters (and Big RED funders) LEF Foundation, Artadia will distribute $55,000 over the next two years, and culminate in an exhibition at the Boston Center for the Arts Mills Gallery.

Artadia currently has programs and awards in Houston, San Francisco and Chicago.

From the press release:

Lyda Kuth, Director of the LEF Foundation explains, "a program like Artadia not only recognizes talent but connects that talent to a national network of support -- providing a sense of optimism and possibility for visual artists living and working in Boston.  We are very pleased to fund a program so close in spirit to LEF's core values, which is to ensure support for the creation of new work and to raise the visibility of artists."

More information, application info, and a history of Artadia can be found their website.


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