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Dear March,

Spring Break is over, and is time to call the IT guy to change the clock on my computer because I have been living one hour behind everyone else. On the web, I am effectively in Indiana, or parts of it, anyway.

Oh yes, and this is our 3rd issue for you this month, bringing the number up to 60. No volumes to account, just a serial, virtual stack of back issues that might reach up to your knees if you printed them page by page (Anyone want to make a measurement? I'll post that picture on this site personally). In the electronica server space, there is little physical fuss, no library spring sales, no recycling program necessary (the company dumpster).

This issue, we have an article from fellow editor Mr. Holland profiling Boston artist Liz Nofziger and her exhibition at Columbia College; Four reviews from around town: a performance festival in Fort Point, a controversial portrait photographer on Newbury St., an eclectic display on cultural identity in SOWA, and a collaboration in a resident curated loft gallery space. Oh yes, and two pieces from out-of-town regulars Jennifer McMackon and Jason Dean. A column from Charles, an unfortunate, but complete, obit of of Carl Siembab from photographer Carl Chiaranza.

Thanks again for the time change, March. I can now read longer into the night, since I have to anyway. It is too dark when I get up in the morning.

Benjamin Franklin (Pierce) Brosnan

About Author

Matthew Gamber is a Boston-based artist with a BFA from Bowling Green State University and an MFA from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts / Tufts University. He has taught at Art Institute of Boston / Lesley University, Boston College, School of the Museum of Fine Arts, College of the Holy Cross, Savannah College of Art & Design, and Massachusetts College of Art & Design and worked on digital preservation projects for Harvard University and the Boston Public Library. Matthew was the Editor in Chief of Big Red & Shiny from 2004 to 2010.

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