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Here comes Peter Cottontail, hopping down the bunny trail.

Once every Spring, on Easter Sunday, Christians commemorate the reanimation of Jesus of Nazareth (aka Jesus Christ), a Galilean Jew whom they believe came to Earth to save humans from being eternally punished after they died for all the things they ever felt guilty for doing.

The story of Jesus Christ is an analog for the changing seasons as life springs from the dead of winter in the form of nascent flora and fauna. Not surprisingly, Easter is celebrated with symbols for fertility, rabbits (Easter Bunnies, often in the form of chocolate) and eggs (Easter Eggs, also in chocolate), which, by apparent coincidence, also happen to be the "Pagan" symbols for this same time of year.

Issue 61 is full of Easter Eggs just for you. There is no mention of chocolate or Jesus but two articles spotlight a few quickly-rising-to-the-status-of-Boston-art-mainstay people: Phaedra Shanbaum and Heidi Kayser of Axiom as well as curator Femke Lutgerink, while another, by Catherine D'Ignazio and Jane D. Marsching, provides an analysis of Art and Activism.

Happy Spring. Big RED wishes you all a fertile and guilt free new season.

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Christian Holland is an aspiring New York City-based essayist who likes writing about how New York City isn't the center of the world. He was executive editor and founding contributor of Big, Red & Shiny, and sat on the publication's board for V2.

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