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What in the hell is going on in this city?

As if the non-profit pulse in Boston wasn’t already barely beating, now we’ve been dealt another blow with the city’s closing of the Oni Gallery in Chinatown.

How many more punches can we take before we’re down for the count?

From their website: “Oni has been temporarily (we hope) shut down because of building code violations on the part of our landlord. Inspectional services, which shut the entire building down for a week in November, have reconverged on the building this week and are unhappy with its condition. Our landlord is dragging his feet on bringing the building up to code, and we are caught in the middle.”

This closure comes on the heels of similar treatment to other non-profits like the Berwick Research Institute and the Fort Point community.

Where is the public outrage? Has anyone even noticed or is the city’s entire art community fast asleep?

Big Red & Shiny pledges to do everything in our power to make certain that this aggression does not stand, man. We’re ready, willing and able to incite an old-fashioned public outrage. Who’s going with us?

Oni Gallery

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