Caroline Bagenal 0

“As I See You, You See Me”

Observance: As I See You, You See Me (up through April 8 at the Montserrat College of Art Gallery in Beverley, MA) is an exhibition of portrait photography that features multiple viewpoints on identity. Curated by Leonie Bradbury, the variety of portraits creates a provocative exploration of how judgments are…

Lilly Saywitz 0

Through Fresh Eyes: Doug Weathersby’s A Year in Review

Doug Weathersby turns the act of cleaning and organizing into his art. For $60 an hour, Environmental Service will perform any task that the customer may need, from house painting and studio cleanup to art installation. He takes the fragments and detritus from each job and records them for his…

Silvi Naci 0

ISSUES OF POWER: Resilience and Healing

“With my work I reaffirm black cultural values in the contemporary world.” – Juan Roberto Diago Durruthy, 1998 Curated by Alejandro de la Fuente, Diago: The Past of This Afro-Cuban Present at The Cooper Gallery presents Juan Roberto Diago Durruthy’s first retrospective. Diago’s work is expository; a knowledge producer, Diago reconstructs…

Susanna Bolle 1

Listening to Jed Speare (1954-2016)

When Jed Speare died earlier this spring, Boston’s experimental arts community lost a pioneering artist, a tenacious advocate, a dear colleague, and an even more dear friend. Jed was best known for his work as a composer and sound artist, but his work was truly multidisciplinary, encompassing video, installation, and…