Beneath the Surface: Kathleen Gerdon Archer at Kingston Gallery

In her solo exhibition at Kingston Gallery, Fare Well: The Art of Ending, on view August 30 – October 1, Kathleen Gerdon Archer’s photographic work demonstrated a masterful ability to blend abstraction, process, and place. Gerdon Archer credits the inspiration for these photographs to rock formations left by receding glaciers…


Caleb Cole at the Newport Art Museum

Corridors can be odd spaces in museums, heavily trafficked but not always experienced. Art mounted in these passages can feel like an afterthought. This was not the case with Caleb Cole’s Forget Me Not, recently on view at the Newport Art Museum. Occupying the hallway of the museum’s Griswold House,…


Confronting Legacies: Magda Fernández

If you ever have the pleasure of meeting the fascinating Magda Fernández, you will be encapsulated by her engaging ways of storytelling, kindness, and laughter. Her work is brilliant, raw, captivating, hard to watch, and yet very intriguing. Her way of thinking and building narratives is unlike any other artist…


Wild Child: Beverly Semmes

Since the 1990s, Beverly Semmes’s work has been at the forefront of contemporary art. Semmes’s work is situated at the nexus of American feminism, puritanism, and history of sculpture and craft. This work spans across disciplines and cultures, from photography, sculpture, video, and large-scale installation. I first met Semmes two…