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The Artist’s Beautiful Mess: Sarah Meyers Brent at Kingston

Sarah Meyers Brent’s current exhibition, Growth and Decay, ought to—by the artist’s own admission—have been called Beautiful Mess. “Growth and decay” is a precise summation of how Brent’s assemblages and paintings, on view at Kingston Gallery through July 1, bulge and dribble in a palette of creams, olive greens, and…

Chanel Thervil 0

Then, Now & Beyond: Reflections of Radical Black Womanhood at The Brooklyn Museum

“We believe that the most profound and potentially most radical politics come directly out of our own identity, as opposed to working to end somebody else’s oppression. In the case of black women, this is a particularly repugnant, dangerous, threatening and therefore revolutionary concept because it is obvious from looking…

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In Conversation with Artist & Curator Carlos Jiménez Cahua

Carlos Jiménez Cahua is an artist and curator living and working in NY. I have known CJC for a couple of years and have shared some wonderful and insightful conversations together. On May 1, we finally sat down to talk about contemporary art practices and culture, status in the art…

Susanna Bolle 1

Listening to Jed Speare (1954-2016)

When Jed Speare died earlier this spring, Boston’s experimental arts community lost a pioneering artist, a tenacious advocate, a dear colleague, and an even more dear friend. Jed was best known for his work as a composer and sound artist, but his work was truly multidisciplinary, encompassing video, installation, and…